Keepsakes and Mementos

To create a truly memorable service, funeral homes sometimes offer portable, personalized keepsake items for family members and friends.

Candles: Specially printed memorial candles may feature a photograph of the deceased and an appropriate poem or sentiment.  Such candles are often displayed during the memorial service, and later taken home by family members and friends.

Ornaments: Personalized ornaments are versatile.  They may be displayed year-round, or serve as a special seasonal reminder of a treasured loved one.

Urns: Urns are vessels that may contain cremated remains of a loved one.  They are available in a variety of shapes, from simple, elegant containers to elaborate, personalized desk displays.

Cremation Pendants: Specially made cremation jewelry allows the bereaved to keep a small portion of cremated remains near the heart.  Alternatively, locks of hair or dried flowers from the memorial service may be enclosed in each necklace.

Plaques and Other Displays: Some funeral homes arrange offer personalized plaques and objets d’art, which may display information about the deceased and especially meaningful poems, quotes, and pictures.

Keepsakes and Memory Gifts