Chapel And Service Furniture

Families can choose what type of ornaments and furniture are used in a memorial or funeral service.  Most of the time, the decision is based on religious belief and space available in the funeral home.  Most funeral homes will have a certain amount of standard furniture available for families to use.  If your funeral home does not have an item you wish to have, ask them if it s something they would be willing to invest in or rent.

Lectern:  A stand on which a speaker rests notes or books, most funeral lecterns are made of wood and are placed at the front of the funeral service congregation for use by the eulogy giver. 

Prayer Rail:  Typically used in catholic funeral services, a prayer rail is a wooden rail with padded sections on the bottom and sometimes the top where family and mourners may kneel and pray during or after the service.

Contribution Box:  A contribution box in a funeral service is often placed near the funeral floral arrangements or in the entryway near the register book. These boxes are used to collect charitable contributions from funeral goers on behalf of the deceased or the family.

Casket Bier:  Caskets are set on top of casket biers during a funeral service or a viewing ceremony. It raises up the casket so that it can be viewed by mourners.  Most casket biers are moveable via attached wheels.

Candlesticks:  Most funeral homes will have candlesticks and candelabras available for use during a memorial service.